The Finnish Handel Society

The Finnish Handel Society


The Finnish Handel Society was founded in Kauniainen, Finland, in 2006. It's aims are to widen and deepen the knowledge and appreciation of Georg Friedrich Händel (1685 - 1759), his music and life, as well as the baroque period's culture in general.

Based on the Societys financial resources, it strives to make the baroque music more known and supports the gendres musical performances in Finland. It also arranges lectures and excursions to various baroque musical concerts as well as to essential cultural events and resorts.

The Society has fellow societies in various countries such as in Germany, the Czech Republic and in the United States of America. For more information about these societys and concerts, see links.

Based on your written request and by meeting the following requirements, you may become a Member of the Society:

- you have to be a consenting adult
- you are recommended by three The Finnish Handel Society members

If you are a private person or a society having legal capacity and you approve the purposes and the actions of The Finnish Handel Society, you may freely join as a supporting member.

Membership fees are used to finance the Societys activities. It can also receive donations, such as will donations and other financial support.

The email address for the Finnish Handel Society is: info (at)